Wednesday, October 20, 2010

can i sepik english??


today i want to sepik in english.. i wan to sepik London.. this is because Datin told me that, if i want to be Dato' , i have to sepik London..

since i'm in primary school, i'm very weak in english.. UPSR, PMR and SPM i got B in english. Whatthefate... hehe.. FATE.. not a bad word..on more, MUET exam i got band 2... hahaha... how to laugh in english ha???

so, from today, i have to learn to sepik in english.. datin, can u help me?? u're very good in english.. everyday u sepik english with ur student.. so, u can teach me how to sepik london..

in my family, english is like a 'badi' subject. never get A... what make English so important ha? why? if i cant sepik english, u think that i cant success? do u yhink i can pass SPM with flying colors if i can sepik english??? flying colors??? what is that?? haha... sorry ok, now i'm an engineer.. but i cant sepik english very well.. so sad..

why? why we have to sepik english? is it our nation cannot survive if we cannot sepik english?? no la... if we have a good brain and attitude, we dont need to speak english to develope.. developing our country with our own language la... proud to be malaysian.. proud to be MALAY..

but, i still have to practice my english.. very bad maa... just like cina apek sepik english... very very terok... how i want to present in front of people from other country?? they cannot sepik malay.. but they also not very well in english.. malaysian english is better..

last week, korean people present their technologies to JKR.. they sepik in english like shit.. (shit is not a good word). very stupid english.. we cannot understand not even a word.. when we ask them some question, they cannot answer.. but, their technologies is very good.. respect korean.. (in developing their country. not in sepik english la...)

however, i want to be a good person in sepiking english.. (i know that i use low standard english, so dont cursing me)

datin, please teach me english tonight.. u teach me english, i teach u how to be a good teacher.. hehe

sepik = speak.. i know la...


  1. hahahahaha...
    u make me laugh to read this post..
    a very good trial b'coz even me didnt hv an english post in my blog...u did a good job..hihi

    i always proud of u..

    then, we'll learn how to speak in english together-gether oke!!??

  2. you noe wut...i dun understang setarang habuk wut yu toking about...
    aniway nice try...hahaha...

  3. @datin
    i'm proud with myself..

    @cik mot
    tok ke la demo dok pehe so habuk pun.. demo dok blaja lasung ko kecek omputih ni?

  4. dok...ambo kena martabatkan bahasa ibunda ambo...hahaha..

  5. hahahahhaha..
    x dpt dinafikan lg..

    bangga sket ni... even i'm also have the same standard with your english level, i got an A for every big exams in 23 years of my life... hehehehhe.kui3....

    but then i still have to improve my language..
    as my lecturer said i only got 6.5 over 10 in sepiking.. bad la tu kann..hehhe


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